The Ghetto Project

Katanga ghetto is packed with small houses, filled with (too) many people. Through the ghetto flows a stream of water, filled with trash. People that live there have little to no money to survive. If they have work it is often long days for small money.

Katanga program is reaching out to children in the age of 1 up to 12. Numbers are varying between 150-200 children. Most of these children live at home with their families, but have a difficult future ahead due to the poor circumstances.

Our aim is to bridge a gap or prevent them from joining street life and engaging themselves in unhealthy behavior such as for example prostitution through educating them on these dangers when they are still at a tender age and supporting them to make different choices.

We start the outreach with an hour games. Children up to 3 years have some toys to play with. The older children play several active games and have lots of fun. After the games we demonstrate God’s love through preaching and serving them lunch.