Street Outreach Program

The project started small. With someone to preach, to cook and to worship the first outreaches took place.

Kivulu program is nowadays reaching out to approximately 60 youth and street children every week. They receive breakfast, play soccer and games. We continue with worship, devotional and small groups and close off the program with a good lunch.

This program is centred on building the right perspective towards life, making right choices amidst hardships of today’s life. Through this program some of the street boys got an opportunity to join our rehabilitation center, where they are being taken care of emotionally, physically and spiritually. Some of the boys have joined our Vocational Institute to gain skills that will empower them to become a solution to the alarming problem of unemployment in our country.

The aim of the program is to demonstrate God’s love though preaching, fun and tangible items as food, shoes and clothes.