The Vocational Institute

In January 2017 we started up the idea of our vocational institute and since July 2017 we have our first students attending our institute.
We saw the need of equipping our youth and young adults who attend our Kivulu program. Most of them have had no education at all through their entire life. Other have had only 2 up till 4 years of primary school. For them to be able to build a future for themselves they need to learn a profession. That is how our Vocational Institute became a reality.

Hair dressing, tailoring and computer skills

At the moment we have 20 students attending the school. We offer them 3 different tracks, where they can choose from: hair dressing, tailoring and computer classes. All courses that will give them a certificate that opens the way to start working somewhere or to start up their own business. No need to say that we are very excited seeing these boys learning a profession and learning to build their own future.


One of our students is a good example of the impact that the Vocational school has already made. After three weeks, when Charles had learned how to wash hair, he found himself a job at a hairdresser. His job so far is just washing the hair of the clients. This means he has some income now and has a different future ahead.
We are also proud that the community has noticed the work we do. They students are changing their behavior and look representable. We are proud that the work not only changes our students, but also has a great impact on their community.