The School Project

The school was founded in January 2016 with the aim of providing free quality educational to the unprivileged children of Kilombe slum and currently has an enrollment of about 152 pupils. We have at the moment 8 teaching staff and 5 non-teaching staff.


We achieved a healthy environment, been able to put in place safe drinking water, bought a TV set for learning and entertainment. We have a playground with so far two strings, we have been able to own a computer through one of the well wishing ministries,we do have our own professional teachers and we have been able to pay them monthly through your loving support.


Facing a high cost of rent which would have been used to support more saving arms project provided if we had our own facilities.
Our children do not have enough space especially for co-curriculum activities and physical educational.
We would wish to have a school van to transport children kids from their homes to school since they travel long distances.
We would wish to have teacher’s apartments near the school to enable the teachers to come early and welcome the children at school.